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Dear Friends,

Please find enclosed an English translation of one of my books.

It is a story of how my mother and I had met one of the greatest doctors that ever lived.

Doctor Umarov was a brilliant pulse diagnostician who practiced Eastern Medicine. 

He helped tens of thousands of patients during the span of 35 years.

Mukhitdin Umarov’s talent was acknowledged worldwide. Though, many of his patients included the elite like Soviet astronauts and Saudi Arabia’s princes, he preferred to be amongst common men that came to his clinic in village-like town of Namangan. It is there where he changed lives of countless others. Many patients who western doctors diagnosed as ‘terminal’ came under his care. Many of them recovered and became his lifelong students. They practice today throughout the world and follow in footsteps of  late Dr. Umarov.

Here in US, that includes my cousin and I.

I invite you to read the story of a doctor who represented the very best of what the human kind had and has to offer.

If this story touches your heart, then please share it with your family and friends.

I welcome any comments that you might have. Thank you.

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