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Medicinal Power of Natural Herbs

In 1993 my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Though the tumor was removed surgically, she refused other modern western treatments such as chemo and radiation. In search of alternative treatments we were fortunate enough to be introduced to an herbal doctor in our former homeland of Uzbekistan. Western doctors were beyond skeptical about our choice. One even said “Herbs are for cows only. Without any chemo, your mom will not last over 2 years.” But our experiences with the herbal doctor and the remedies he provided would prove them very wrong. He prolonged my mom’s life for 6 more years.

No remedy on this planet is as ancient as herbs. It was not people but animals that began to treat themselves with herbs. It's possible that prehistoric people got the idea of using them from observing animals. However, there were also independent discoveries. Women, who were considered healers in their respective tribes, picked berries, herbs and roots. They learned about their qualities haphazardly, through personal experience. Ancient people were in tune with their natural surroundings. It’s difficult even to imagine how acute their powers of observation were. They knew more about plants and animals than many contemporary botanists and zoologists.

Herbal therapy works by ingesting herbs, which have a direct, internal

influence on the body’s physiology and pathology. Herbs have specific characteristics: flavor (taste), and ‘temperature’. The five categories of flavor are sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty. The temperature of herbs can be hot, warm, cold or cool. Together all these characteristics make up what we call ‘nature’. Each herb has specific effects on the body’s physiology. For example, bitter tasting plants cool the body by expelling bodily heat and causing more frequent urination. Acrid herbs, help with externally contracted colds by treating the outer layers of our body.

From a modern prospective, one can say that plants produce a great variety of pharmacologically active  chemicals. They have an intricate biological network that links all things and forces together. This way, similar and opposing forces are balanced and complement each other. For this reason, for example, a plant that grows in wet, cool marshes will treat a hot, dry disease.

With all explained above, you may still have a question: ‘Why treat yourself with medicinal herbs, and not pharmaceutical drugs from a western doctor? Can’t I just pop a generic pill to make all my problems go away?’

After all, any local pharmacy has a multitude of drugs, fit for diseases of all shapes and sizes. Just take these little pills and all our problems will be solved! It is so simple! Why bother with cooking herbs?

Let’s think about it together.

Modern drugs – are artificial compounds of different chemicals. Many of them are not so harmless as you may think; oftentimes, these medicines can cause toxic side effects to our bodies. Modern drugs treat certain ailments (or mask treatment by suppressing symptoms), and they can simultaneously harm and destroy something else in the body. But that damage is noticed slowly, not right away.

Since antiquity people have researched and utilized wonderful medicine produced naturally by mother Earth. Experience, compounded over many thousands of years and tested by hundreds of generations, proved that many herbs enhance people’s wellbeing and are a gift to mankind by nature.

That is precisely why today, throughout all parts of the civilized world, people are seeking help from medicinal herbs. They are very effective and safe when administered according to your practitioner’s directions.

Practitioners combine herbs into formulas addressing specific conditions. Simple formulas consist of a few herbs, while complicated formulas may contain 6-20 components. During the course of the treatment, your practitioner should adjust the formula to facilitate faster treatment. These formulas influence your body’s physiology and pathology by addressing specific conditions. In other words, herbal formulas treat the root cause of health issues!

So, take the next step towards recovery and a healthy lifestyle. Drink your

herbal decoctions, and start living life to its fullest!

Any chronic disease, slowly deteriorates human body. Make an effort to stop it with medicinal herbs and get to the root of the problem.

Call us for a free evaluation of you body’s condition. Pick up an individualized, fit-for-you remedy for your wellbeing

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