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Would you like to be relatively healthy until an old age?

What if to achieve this, you were asked to be physically active and routinely visit a holistic practitioner?

This is precisely how some current Holistic doctors establish a doctor-patient regimen.

A patient routinely visits a practitioner who helps keep him or her in good health. ​

If a patient gets ill, it means that the practitioner missed the onset of a disease.

He now has to continue treating the patient for free, until the patient is fully recovered. After that, the routine continues.

During our initial meeting we try to determine the underlining (root) cause of your illness.

One of the invaluable parts of patient's examination in Pulse reading and Tongue diagnosis.

As one ancient pulse book states: “Disease follows the pulse”. To Eastern (Humoral, Chinese) Medicine ​practitioner that means that through pulse taking one can pick up hidden symptoms of an ailment before they become evident.

Make an appointment today to find out more about how our traditional acupuncture and herbal treatments can be used to help restore your body to its full operating potential.

So, do you have any health issues that persist, even with the help of pharmaceutical drugs?

Did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Medicinal Herbs) can help?

For over 5,000 years acupuncture and medicinal herbs have a proven record of treating many ailments

and can even out perform western healing methods!

 Benefits of Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments:

   -Treats the source of the disease, while relieving symptoms simultaneously

   -Customized treatment on an individualized basis

   -Prevents the spread of illness and helps minimize the reoccurrence of episodes

   -Eliminates side effects of pharmaceutical drugs

Asthma                                        Knee Pain                 

Back Pain                                    Low Back Pain

Borborygmus                             Morning Sickness

Bell’s Palsy                                  Nausea

Common Cold                            Neuralgia

Constipation                               Prostatitis

Cough                                          PMS

Chronic Gastritis                        Rheumatism

Cancer Treatment Support

Depression                                  Sciatica

Diabetes                                      Shingles

Diarrhea                                      Shoulder Pain

Dysmenorrhea                           Sinusitis

Fibromyalgia                               Sore Throat

Fatigue                                         Stroke

Headache                                    Tennis Elbow

Hemorrhoids                               Whiplash


Insomnia                                     And Much More

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